Electrical Services provide the pathway for intelligent buildings, facilitate life safety and building protection.

Electrical services are essential in providing functional services such as general lighting, small power and communications as well as life safety protection via fire alarm systems, emergency lighting and interfacing with smoke vent and sprinkler systems.

Omega Consulting Engineers engage with design teams, clients and end users from as early as RIBA Stage 0 to understand the strategic master plan of a proposed project and how the electrical services can be designed to facilitate the client’s requirements.

Electrical Design Services:

    • Mains and sub-mains power distribution
    • Cable containment systems
    • Small power & ancillary services
    • Internal & external lighting systems
    • Emergency lighting systems
    • Specialist lighting design and control systems
    • Fire Alarm systems
    • Security systems:
        • Intruder
        • CCTV
        • Panic Alarms
        • Door Access
    • Lightning protection systems
    • Data & communications Services
    • Earthing and bonding requirements
    • Standby generation & UPS systems
    • Power and controls wiring associated with mechanical services systems
    • Power requirements associated with sustainable systems.
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